In Year 1999, A group of professional Bookmakers operating on race course decided to form a Company to offer services over remote communication which was not available in the country. The Company was incorporated on the 16th of Dec 1999 and during the year of 2000 an application was done through the horse racing board for a Licence of offering bets on local races via remote communication (Phone betting) and the licence was granted during this year. After some years of operation the board of Directors decided to apply for a Licence of betting of football matches taking place outside Mauritius and the said application was done in year 2007 and allocated during year 2008. 
The Company as from year 2008 has two line of activities with betting on Local races and betting on football matches outside Mauritius. The Company operates till year 2014 and was closed due to financial difficulties. In year 2017 a new group of investors took back the company and from now we are offering several products and we have 25 Outlets all across the Island to serve promptly our customers. Our main licence is betting on Local races through remote communications ( Phone betting). We have a very high class Call Center who can cater more than 5000 call for a race day. To facilitate our customer we have introduced in the year of 2019 , two SIP Phone for customers to be able to place their bet directly in any one of our outlet. By this way the customer don’t have to use his phone calls and have a better and quicker service through the SIP Phone. We are also agent of Peerless Ltd which offer PMU Moris which is a pool betting and French races. We are also agent of PeakPool Ltd which offers pool betting on UK Races & Malaysian races. We are agent of J.S Henry Ltd (TOPPOOL) which offers pool betting on Football matches taking place outside Mauritius on top of that we also represent Lotteries of Serge Henry Ltd (Lottery Blanc) and Poupard Ltd (Lottery poupard) which are offered digitally and printed wise in all our outlets.

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Saturday when race on Sunday: 08:00-23:00
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T: +230 460 4646
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